Konstantinos Karypidis

Do you want to Change? Some ideas and Requisites.

Konstantinos Karypidis

Do you want to Change? Some ideas and Requisites.

So you feel that something is really wrong and that things should be better or at least that you’d like them to be better, and you keep thinking that you should finally take the step and make a decision to change your life. Here is some food for thought on the always popular topic of change.

A. Stop Thinking

I am sick and tired of seeing very skillful people keep thinking, studying, evaluating, judging, doing meetings, planning everything or trying to plan and predict everything and after all of these they start all over from the beginning. Please, do yourself a favor and stop thinking about it anymore. The game is simple. Not easy. Simple.

  1. Find what you don’t like in your life.
  2. Write it down.
  3. Decide what you want and with what you are going to replace it.
  4. Write that down too.
  5. Start trying to make things the way you want them. ACT!


Have you ever heard that over analyzing leads to paralyzing? Have you ever heard of the great author Nikos Kazantzakis? Do you know what he said? “The ultimate form of the theory is practice.” You are not an idiot, so I am pretty sure you understand the implications of that phrase. If you want to finally change, stop thinking and start acting yesterday!

B. Reach the bottom

One of the biggest challenges in your life is to feel that you arrived at ground zero; to the place that lower does not exist. As a friend says you must turn into an octopus stuck at the bottom of the sea, lying on the rocks and staring at the surface, which is up there two kilometers above you. One other difficult but essential thing you must do, is to stop forgiving yourself for not delivering what you can and should deliver. Stop being kind to yourself in terms of productivity. Deliver what you have to deliver. Be relentless. Get sick of mediocrity, get angry. Become like babies who scream for their milk until you feed them. The main obstacle on the way to your dreams is that you have forgotten to scream.

C. What will you sacrifice?

Have you ever heard that nothing comes for free? Well, it is true. Everything has a price. If you want something you have to pay for it. How hard do you want to succeed? How much are you ready to sacrifice for success? What will you sacrifice? Write it also down and get over with it. Now!

D. Stop looking around you.

Stop looking around you desiring what others have. Stop trying to live the expectations and dreams of others. This life is yours and YOU – only YOU – will say what fills you with joy and brings you satisfaction. You are defining your dreams. The criticism that you receive from others is not you business. Period. The criticism reveals way more for the one who is making it than it does for the one who receives it. What people think about you are not your thoughts, but theirs. Grant us your own unique perception of the world. You can be an absolute uniqueness in the world’s history and you have selected the most common way of living. What is wrong with you? It’s time to turn the page and flourish. Please try to find your voice. Get in touch with yourself and show us your masterpiece without fear nor expectations.

All my best,
Konstantinos Karypidis

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