Konstantinos Karypidis

Focus Is Your Reality

Konstantinos Karypidis

Focus Is Your Reality


This is going to be a really quick episode.  A really focused episode one could say.

Today our inspiration comes from Daniel Goleman’s  book named “Focus”.  The essence of our conversation?

Your focus is your reality.

Did you know that the word attention comes from the latin word attendere which means to reach toward? Pardon me for the latin accent.  Attendere means reaching forward.  Attention connects us with the world, it shapes and defines our experiences.

As cognitive neuroscientists Michael Posner and Mary Rothbart write, ‘attention provides the mechanisms that underlie our awareness of the world and voluntary regulation of our thoughts and feelings.’

And Ann Treisman, a dean of the attention research area, as Goleman says, notes that how we deploy our attention determines what we see.

To make things even simpler?

Let’s go to Yoda, the legendary Jedi master. His take on the subject of focus is this: Your focus is your reality.

Simple and to the point, isn’t it?

Wherever you draw your attention to, that very thing becomes your reality.

So the question is this: Are you focusing on things that makes you feel great and enables you to be extremely productive and capable to correcting anything that is not optimal in your life or are you doing the opposite?  There’s a choice to be made because our focus, you know, can be trained.  How?  Well, I guess this is going to be the subject of another episode.

Today’s take away is – take care of your focus, because your focus, as Yoda says, is your reality.

Take care!

All my best,
Konstantinos Karypidis

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