Konstantinos Karypidis

Think and F… Act!

Konstantinos Karypidis

Think and F… Act!

Do you want to create a new way of being?

Do you want to transform yourself?

Do you want to get over distractive habits?

The advice is ridiculously simple. Think and Act. Think AND ACT!

In Harper’s and Ellis’ best seller book “A Guide to Rational Living”, I read the exact same idea…
The authors tell us that if we want to modify our destructive habits, we’d better think and act.
We have to deliberately work against the influence of our past; we have to force ourselves, for example to act toward our fathers or towards a person who we respect from our childhood, in a more adult fashion, to risk disapproval, to say and do things that we previously would have been panicked to do.

If we never – in all our lives – talked to a stranger on a bus, went to a party alone, kissed a partner on our first date, or did similar things that we would like to do, we have to force ourselves until we keep trying these terrible “fearful” acts.

No nonsense, right?

Don’t just think: act!

We can overcome years of past anguish and inertia by days or weeks of forced practice today.”

Stop just thinking, planning, editing.

ACT. Do it. Now. Today. This very moment.

Go against your past stories about who you are and what you can do and start doing what you have never done before.

Remember, the last form of theory is action. This is not my own. This is Nikos Kazantzakis. The last form of theory is action.

And this is how we change.

Take care.

And act. Now.

All my best,
Konstantinos Karypidis

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