Konstantinos Karypidis

Ten Thoughts That Need Thought

Konstantinos Karypidis

Ten Thoughts That Need Thought

Hi there!

I am on the road for work and to be honest I seized the opportunity for a few holidays. Today we have some food for thought. All the following thoughts I would like to share with you are my personal notes (and wording) from the magnificent small book Derek Shivers has written, called “Anything you Want”.

Wish you the greatest inspiration.

1. Doing business is not about making money but about making your dreams and the dreams of others come true.

2. Success comes from constant effort for improvement rather than insisting on something that does not work.

3. If it’s not a “HELL YEAH!”, then it’s a no.

4. Begin now. No funding needed.

5. In a perfect world would you allow advertisements on your site?

6. At the end, everything is about who you are and not about what you have.

7. Whatever you hate to do there’s someone that loves it. Find her and let her do it.

8. When you build a company, you are building a utopia. It is the place where you are creating your ideal world.

9. A quick look combined with common sense should enable you to see if it will work. The rest is details.

10. Don’t try to impress the invisible jury with the great MBAs. It’s OK to be simple.

All my best,
Konstantinos Karypidis

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