Konstantinos Karypidis

7 Strategies for Surefire Misery

Konstantinos Karypidis

7 Strategies for Surefire Misery

My life is focused on happiness. Strictly. How to create it, how to share it and how to give strategies, tools and methods to help other people fill their own life with joy and above all to live it on their own terms and specifications.

Nevertheless, even constant happiness is monotonous. So today, for a change, I thought that it would be a good idea to share with you seven guaranteed and confirmed strategies that will for sure lead you to undeniable misery and gloom. Read, apply and weep freely. 😉

1st Strategy: Complain

Find something to which you have an effortless access to and which makes you angry (I am sure you can, we all do) and start whining and complaining about it. The more you complain about it the better.

2nd Strategy: Avoid challenges and problems

Do not care about what needs to be solved. Go out for a walk, have a nap or a good “night’s sleep” during midday, watch TV (preferably watch the news to reinforce the previous strategy), drink like a boozer and eat like a pig. Generally procrastinate as much as possible and do whatever will help you to forget what you have to do and you cannot avoid. Why thinking about something today when you can do it tomorrow?

3rd Strategy: Become stressed about things that have not happened yet.

Don’t be ignorant. Concentrate and think about everything that can go wrong in the future as much as possible. Don’t do the fatal mistake to be optimistic and risk to get disappointed. Be prudent and realistic. Three steps … Make clean image of what can go wrong, close your eyes, concentrate intensely.

4th Strategy: Compared with others

Find someone who surpasses you in every imaginable area. Look at her carefully and then honestly admire what she has achieved. Then go to the mirror and start comparing.

5th Strategy: Do what you don’t love

This is my favorite. For the next month be sure to focus and do only all those things that you hate from the bottom of your heart. For greater results of the strategy, do what you hate while you are complaining (1st Strategy), and comparing yourself with others (4th Strategy).

6th Strategy: Try to change others

It is better to see the hump of others around us, than our own. Find someone from your social circle that should be changed (this probably won’t be hard). Put her down and explain her how she should be, think and feel. Do not let her leave until she swears to follow your infallible advice.

7th Strategy: Try to please everybody

Let’s get real. Success is not being in a good relationship with your own self. Success is not doing whatever makes you happy without giving explanations. Success and happiness is about doing your best to be liked by others all the time, forever and ever. What kind of selfish bastard are you anyway? Please get serious and stop trying to satisfy yourself, because the most important thing in life – and what you really, deeply need -is to live it the way other people tell you so to be accepted by them. Isn’t it?

All my best,
Konstantinos Karypidis

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